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Genetealogists are constantly scouring the Internet for articles that might shed a little more light on their results and genetic genealogy in general. The intent here is to provide one-stop shopping -- or at least, a resource that will speed up the hunt for relevant articles. We welcome your suggestions for articles that could be added here. Just select the appropriate category below and click on Submit New Link. The more suggestions you make, the more useful this will become for all of us.

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Columbus May Not Be Buried in Caribbean
CNN International, Oct. 10, 2004: Madrid, Spain (AP)--researchers who gleaned DNA from 500-year-old bone slivers said Friday that preliminary data suggests Columbus might be buried in Spain, rather than a rival tomb in the Dominican Republic, but for now they can't be sure.
Added: Jan 25, 2005   Hits: 423

DNA Studies that unearth new facts
Dallas Morning News (subscription) Dallas, TX, The James case is an example of how the powerful tool of DNA analysis makes it easier to answer longstanding questions about historical figures.
Added: Jan 25, 2005   Hits: 289

DNA Suggests Columbus Remains in Spain
By Rossella Lorenzi, Discovery News, Oct. 6, 2004--Preliminary analysis suggests that Christopher Columbus might be buried in the Gothic cathedral of Santa Maria in Seville.
Added: Jan 25, 2005   Hits: 330

Jefferson fathered slave's last child
Nature, Vol. 396, 5 November 1998
Added: Jan 25, 2005   Hits: 342

Mozart's relatives face DNA tests
BBC News, 26 October 2004. Researchers in the Austrian city of Salzburg have dug up the bodies of relatives of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in a search for DNA samples. The scientists hope to find out if a skull currently held at Mozart's memorial foundation in the city is his.
Added: Jan 25, 2005   Hits: 517

Could DNA Tests Solve the Mystery of Miles Standish?
By Robert Tomsho and Emily Nelson, Wall Street Journal, November 24, 2004 -- Finding his birthplace has descendants bickering about his birthplace; suspect church records. Available to WSJ subscribers.
Added: Jan 25, 2005   Hits: 387

Great Mystery of Hunley's Crew Yields to DNA Test
He was an unknown soldier, but genealogists tracked him down, obtained DNA from his sister and identified first officer Joseph Ridgaway. By Brian Hicks, The Post and Courier, Charleston NC.
Added: Sep 30, 2004   Hits: 400

Native Americans, DNA and the Mormon Church
In "Losing a Lost Tribe: Native Americans, DNA,and the Mormon Church," research scientist Simon Southerton of Canberra, Australia states his position. By Kimberly Powell, - USA, September 14, 2004.
Added: Sep 30, 2004   Hits: 466

A Genetic Link, a Historical Rift
Five years after DNA tests, Jefferson's black kin plan separate but equal reunion, by Chris Kahn, The Associated Press, Charlottesville VA, May 6, 2003
Added: Sep 29, 2004   Hits: 522

Software tackles tough DNA puzzles
Genetic matching program developed for 9/11, other disasters,” by Alan Boyle, Science Editor, MSNBC, May 11, 2003
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 462

France lays royal heart, and mystery, to rest
Organ buried after DNA confirms link to lost boy-king
by Joelle Diderich, Reuters News Service, updated: 4:19 p.m. ET June 8, 2004
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 449

Scientists explore Columbus mystery
Will DNA solve centuries-old dispute over final resting place?” by Rachel Levin, NBC News, Madrid, Spain, Sept. 15, 2003.
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 596

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