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Genetealogists are constantly scouring the Internet for articles that might shed a little more light on their results and genetic genealogy in general. The intent here is to provide one-stop shopping -- or at least, a resource that will speed up the hunt for relevant articles. We welcome your suggestions for articles that could be added here. Just select the appropriate category below and click on Submit New Link. The more suggestions you make, the more useful this will become for all of us.

Finally, as you explore, please go beyond the initial listings. The newest links to have been added are listed first, so the order in which a link or resource appears on a given page isn't indicative of its importance or value.

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DNA Testing: In Our Blood
As an increasing number of people use DNA testing to discover their roots, scientists are using the same technology to tell more about human history.
Added: Feb 2, 2006   Hits: 493

"Genetealogy" Survey Results
Read the survey results from on people's interest and participation in, and perceptions of DNA testing to find their ancestors.
Added: Apr 1, 2005   Hits: 386

DNA and Brown Genealogy
The particular case study is for the BROWN surname, but the Appendix, "A Speculation on DNA and Hypothesis-Friendly Genealogy" is of general interest.
Added: Sep 29, 2004   Hits: 378

Tracing Your DNA
BBC--Science & Nature: Genes, "Tracing Your DNA."
Added: Sep 29, 2004   Hits: 498

Tracing Your Ancestry Through DNA
By Kimberly Powell,
Added: Sep 29, 2004   Hits: 549

What's Next in the World of DNA Testing?"
Read this article in PDF format. Includes photos and screenshots. Published by and provided here with the kind permission of Family Chronicle.
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 321

Double Helix Genealogy
by Mark Howells, Jan/Feb 2000 Ancestry Magazine
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 369

Family Lineage
Filling in the Blanks by Ivan Dylko
(, June 20, 2003, The Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 393

Molecular Genealogy
Is DNA the Answer to Lost Family Records?
Molecular Genealogy Research Group, Brigham Young University
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 462

Who's your daddy?
Genealogists look inside their cells for clues to their ancestors" Richmond Times-Dispatch, used with permission.
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 323

DNA Testing: Why Markers Matter
Ancestry Daily News article by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak.
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 2887

DNA Testing for Genealogical Purposes
A Basic Introduction. in Ancestry Daily News, June 3, 2003
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 432

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