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Genetealogists are constantly scouring the Internet for articles that might shed a little more light on their results and genetic genealogy in general. The intent here is to provide one-stop shopping -- or at least, a resource that will speed up the hunt for relevant articles. We welcome your suggestions for articles that could be added here. Just select the appropriate category below and click on Submit New Link. The more suggestions you make, the more useful this will become for all of us.

Finally, as you explore, please go beyond the initial listings. The newest links to have been added are listed first, so the order in which a link or resource appears on a given page isn't indicative of its importance or value.

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Study reveals a DNA link between Phoenicians and Maltese
Starting with between 500 and 1,000 well-typed samples, they began looking at the Y chromosome, the piece of DNA that traces a purely male line of descent. MaltaMedia on line news, by Ruth Davies, September 19, 2004.
Added: Sep 30, 2004   Hits: 399

Age-old phenomenon of roving womanizers
Scientists tested DNA from 389 individuals representing 10 distinct human populations as far apart as the Netherlands, South Africa and Papua New Guinea. By John Von Radowitz, online, Sunday 19 September 2004.
Added: Sep 30, 2004   Hits: 350

A Y Chromosome Census of the British Isles
Cristian Capelli, et al. Current Biology, Vol. 13, 979-984, May 27, 2003.
Added: Sep 29, 2004   Hits: 456

Genes Expose Secrets of Sex on the Side
Newswise Online, September, 2004. Source: University of Arizona.
Added: Sep 29, 2004   Hits: 389

Why Y?
The Y Chromosome in the Study of Human Evolution, Migration and Prehistory
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 443

Why Search YSearch
Ancestry Daily News - January 15, 2004
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 394

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