Genetealogy - Using DNA testing to learn about your rootsGenetealogy - Using DNA testing to learn about your roots

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Whether you’re new to genetealogy or an old pro, we hope you’ll find this list of resources useful. These are some of the links we find ourselves returning to again and again – our tried and true bookmarks. If you have any you’d like to suggest, please select the appropriate category and use the Submit New Link option.

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DNA Testing Companies [10]
One of the important aspects of genetealogy is the company you work with. Not all companies provide all services, so you may deal with several. You’ll want to explore these sites and ask questions in the forums listed above to find the best one for you.

Genetealogy Discussion Forums [5]
If you want to ask questions or see what others have to say, these are good places to start. Company-based ones may only be open to customers (especially for message posting).

Genetealogy Newsletters [4]
Want to keep up on the latest and greatest, but like your information in periodic bursts rather than every day? Consider subscribing to one or more of these newsletters.

Genetealogy Test Results Logs [2]
These aren’t exactly databases, but they provide a means to compare your mtDNA or DNAPrint results to others.

Genetealogy Tools [9]
Are you the curious type who wants to derive every possible bit of meaning from your results? Then you’ll probably enjoy playing with one or more of these tools. All of these resources are free.

Genetealogy-Related Databases [6]
If you have results and want to check for possible matches and additional insight, these databases will help. Only public access ones are listed here. Note - most testing companies have proprietary databases for the use of their customers.

Lists of DNA Regional/Geographic Projects [2]
An emerging trend is DNA projects devoted to a particular territory, rather than a single surname. You might want to browse these lists to see if there are any that pertain to your personal heritage.

Lists of DNA Surname Projects [5]
Interested in genetealogy, but not so keen on setting up your own surname project? Fortunately, there’s a good chance that there’s already a project focused on your surname. Check out these sites to see if there’s one you can join.

Medical [1]
Although this site is primarily devoted to genetic genealogy, many are also interested in the related topic of genetics as it pertains to their family's health history. Resources on this topic may be found here.

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