Genetealogy - Using DNA testing to learn about your rootsGenetealogy - Using DNA testing to learn about your roots

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Whether you’re new to genetealogy or an old pro, we hope you’ll find this list of resources useful. These are some of the links we find ourselves returning to again and again – our tried and true bookmarks. If you have any you’d like to suggest, please select the appropriate category and use the Submit New Link option.

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Want to keep up on the latest and greatest, but like your information in periodic bursts rather than every day? Consider subscribing to one or more of these newsletters.


Chris Pomery's newsletter
From the author of "DNA and Family History"
Added: Oct 18, 2004   Hits: 429

GeoGene’s Newsletter
The most recent entry into the field of genetic genealogy newsletters.
Added: Sep 25, 2004   Hits: 443

DNA Heritage Newsletter
A newsletter that provides information about DNA Heritage and Ybase, the public access database it provides for researchers.
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 459

Facts & Genes from Family Tree DNA
Launched in July 2002, Family Tree DNA’s newsletter was the first ever dedicated to genetic genealogy.
Added: Sep 23, 2004   Hits: 463

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