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71Keeps the mind working
181way to organize pictures etc.
191health questions
213Medical family tree
268Why my grandmother deserted her five children after her husband died in 1915
285Continuing my grandmother's love of family
339desire to know where my ancestors came from
351I've learned about my roots, have met distant relatives I never knew existed.
362Genealogy makes me feel "worthwhile" I'm accomplishing something important and not wasting my life.
365also a brick wall.
370Understanding family dynamics
380I am facinated by who they turned out to be
410Love to do reasearch
420Discovering the many interesting facts about my ancestors. Such things like where they lived, their varied occupations, how close they were in proximity to each other during their lifetime, and how their lives interacted with each other.
421to find their tombstones
426Keeping myself alive, challenging my brain.
430medical history as we have had 5 members of our family that have had it with one survivor,ME!
431I already knew I had a few famous relatives on my mother's side
455I t's fun!
490Talking with others about genealogy
502Explains a part of who we are
503correction of others research or lack of research
552Informing my parents of their ancestry they didn't know themselves
578Someday being able to present my daughter with her ancestry
590Desire to write our family history, but I've found a missing link in a second important line :)
600Desire to know myself
609Like to "sleuth"; like to finish projects I start; still curious!; still live far from extended family
617desire to visit homelands
621see it all come together
636Shared projects with spouse
650Since I am a product of those who have gone before, who are they?
654researching for others
680finding birth parents
688create a history for my children and the grand cjildren
720While my wife was extremellly sick last year, genealogy gave me an hour a day to "lose myself" in the family history hunt; away from my wife's medical problems.
789Personal satisfaction
802My love of history
851I figure we're all related, we just don't know how.
865Wanting to know my Dad's side of the family tree
881we don't have much information on the ' SERBANICH ' family name
950I like puzzles.
1020I just want and need to know about my ancestors. It is a quest!
1024availability of data such as
1039historical re-enactment
1047to see what others died of.
1074very worthwhile & productive 'hobby '
1143Jokingly: I had hoped to find Scottish roots so that I would have a family tartan.
1146Because of including medical histories, most of the realatives are excited to know especially younger generations of what their genes are telling us.
1184not sure anymore
1214I'm an only child, and have many family pictures which need to be preserved
1246With ever find brings on another question.
1252Providing a written record on my surname that has never been done.
1253medicial knowledge
1254curiosity how paternal grandfather died
1255The items listed are all part of the hunt !!
1268leaving a legacy but NOT for myself but for future generations
1269B) is my most important motivator, but several other factors add to the push. A positive side-effect is enhanced contact with my many cousins.
1278Desire to meet living cousins on my Scottish and English lines - have already met German cousins
1286My family had a lot of secrets
1290going professional after early retirement
1309Plus it provided me an outlet for anxiety & panic attacks.
1322one-name study
1327At mother's request, updating her family's information
1355Still cannot locate my paternal grandfather's Nova Scotia ancestors.
1412I never knew my Mother's family or their history and I needed to know who and what they were and are. I have found up to 4 generations removed and I correspond with most of them.
1442Goal I set to write history of four grandparents paternal line.
1446It's fun!
1451started so will finish
1454I feel like I'm supposed to do this!
1487answering those nagging unanswered questions and helping other family members to do the same - explaining those gaps or seeming errors or contradictions
1529Unexpected appreciation and interest from family members.
1555confirming childhood stories
1561sharing historical info I have
1574desire to find out about father's family
1593Reconnecting with cousins has been the most wonderful benefit of the work!
1595interest of relatives - a couple of 150-year reunions
1599finding family for my granddaughter
1613pass family history on to kids
1616continuning what my cousin started after she died
1623I've had a form of cancer which has a strong genetic component. While I can go back 3 - 4 generations I haven't discovered a single relative with the same or similar kind of cancer. But I still wonder...
1646To share a common interest with my wife
1681Seeing how my ancestors affected the history of a place, a state, and a nation.
1694Wondering what's next? The DNA bit with the Book of Mormon has opened more questions than it has answered. What gives here?
1728leave a record for my dead sons young children
1733Age is my motivation. I don't have that much time left to play the guessing games.
1740Desire to write family book on specific fascinating ancestor and his family
1748know where male side of family came from.
1763Obtaining personal peace and enlightening family members as to where this anger originated and that it is not their burden--also to prevent it from being passed down to the next generation. A small glimmering bit of family cohesiveness has occurred from
1766Still looking for info. on biological father.
1814cannot find information
1855Want children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to know about their ancestors.
1859eternal/timeless spiritual connections in families
1884needed a relaxing hobby
1893finally reading, learning and enjoying history
1894Business reasons
1914it's fun!!!!
1924the convience of the computor
1928Chronic Fatigue Syndrome leaves me physically tired all the time. This keeps my mind active and on other things rather than being sorry for myself.
1975looks of relatives
1985to find out nationality
1994Discovering new kin
1998Generally want to "find out" about everything.
2032Found many second cousins I knew nothing of before.
2051Helping others learn the techniques to find their own roots
2110 The desire to pass down to my descendents the truth, their heritage, what ever it may be, the real facts, unadorned.
2131DNA technology that allows for global searching
2144At first, it was the need to overcome the state of ignorance I was in and the desire to not perpetuate that ignorance. But it was like eating peanuts -- you cannot eat only one; each layer of the onion presented new layers to explore. Now, having leaped o
2171I LOVE research
2174Keeping my 84-year-old brain lively by Internet research.
2207Learning American history
2230finding's web and at last finding info
2236meeting cousins previously unknown to me
2263Provenance of many objects and phenomena
2290just knowing the past