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  Genetealogy 2004-2005 Survey Results

Genetealogy 2004-2005 Survey - February 2005

No of records in this query: 1601
Total records in survey: 1601
Percentage of total: 100.00%

Field Summary for Q1:
How long have you been doing “traditional” (that is, non-genetic) genealogy?
Answer Count Percentage
A) Less than 1 year (A) 43 2.69%
B) 1-5 years (B) 466 29.11%
C) 5-10 years (C) 384 23.99%
D) 10-20 years (D) 297 18.55%
E) more than 20 years (E) 404 25.23%

Field Summary for Q2:
How would you describe your participation in genetic genealogy?
Answer Count Percentage
A) Have not done it and am not interested (A) 172 10.74%
B) Am “getting smart” about it to decide whether to try it (B) 917 57.28%
C) Will likely try it within the next 6 months (C) 178 11.12%
D) Have taken (or sponsored/facilitated) one DNA test (D) 168 10.49%
E) Have taken (or sponsored/facilitated) more than one DNA test (E) 90 5.62%
F) Am an active participant in a DNA project, but do not manage it (F) 74 4.62%
G) Manage a DNA project (G) 59 3.69%

Field Summary for Q3:
If you have not participated in genetic genealogy, which of the following explain why:
Answer Count Percentage
A) Don’t understand it yet (A) 342 21.36%
B) Not sure it would help my genealogical research (B) 533 33.29%
C) Concerned about privacy (C) 178 11.12%
D) Too expensive (D) 501 31.29%
Other 227 14.18%

Field Summary for Q4:
If you have participated in genetic genealogy, which kind of test(s) have you taken (or sponsored/facilitated):
Answer Count Percentage
A) Y-DNA (A) 259 16.18%
B) mtDNA (B) 92 5.75%
C) DNAPrint/BioGeographical (C) 33 2.06%
D) African Ancestry (D) 0 0.00%
E) Native American Ancestry (E) 12 0.75%
F) Other Ethnic (Cohanim, Tribes of Britain, etc.) (F) 8 0.50%
Other 57 3.56%

Field Summary for Q5:
Answer Count Percentage
No answer 28 1.75%
Female (F) 1066 66.58%
Male (M) 504 31.48%